Parlem a Infantil

We talk, we listen. Communication for children’s education

17 January, 2021

From a very early age, children communicate spontaneously with the people closest to them (they express their appetite, their discomfort, their joy, their sleepiness, their desire to play…).

But as their mind evolves, children develop new communication needs as well as new possibilities. Their capacity to represent progresses, their relationship with the environment becomes deeper, and they gain more communicative control with the gradual development of verbal language.

In the schools, teachers and other people working in the centre offer the possibility to broaden their experience, to increase their communication and representation skills and to interact in an enriching way with other adults who are not from their own family.

Gestures, drawings, body dynamics, songs… They are important for a great communicative and social function.

Mastering different codes allows them to understand more deeply the culture in which they are immersed.

The rigorous programming of language acquisition in an integrated manner with other activities allows us to achieve the planned objectives and content.

May we offer you some advice for your home? Talk with your children a lot! Moreover, and most especially, listen to them patiently to help them progress.