Projecte OMEC

5 març, 2018

Creativity forms an important part of the learning process of our students. It can be encouraged, trained and strengthened through activities we offer them with our OMEC project, which allows us to present a whole range of varied experiences. 

This is a key ability necessary to form capable students in the furure, to meet the challenges that arise during the following educative stages in everyday life.

It is made up of different activities geared toward the need that children have to observe, manipulate and experiment their surroundings. Parting from these activities, we provide the students with materials and spaces that help them to think, consider hypothesis , find solutions and go further.

We have different activities in mind according to the age of the child: the treaure chest, heuristic play, sensorial mat, experimentation trays. All of these activities are also carried out in our Atelier.