Vess method

2 febrer, 2018

As you know, this course we have begun the practice of the Method Vess in nursery courses: P3, P4 and P5. VESS is a visionary educational model that brings together the best educational programs in the world, harmoniously integrated with ours and at the same time with the PEP methodology (Thought as a Pedagogical Strategy).

This model understands that school and academic life must go beyond learning content, formulas, dates and names, and the main objective of Vess is to combine all the foundations that children need during the most crucial neurological stage of the their lives in order to promote in each child the habits of mind, thought and abilities necessary to lead a full life, with balance and wisdom.

In Edu1st Centers, through thought routines, children learn to understand how information is processed, how they think and how they apply to different situations. Children learn to observe, analyze, deduce and generate new ideas. In this way, habits predispose their minds to develop different and better processes of thought throughout their lives.

This implies a great effort of training on the part of all the teachers and equipment of the center.

During the month June 2017 we attended the first session to get into the keys of the thought and Vess routines. During this first quarter we have been introducing the method and we have had two coaching sessions online.

Now we have to personally receive our coach who will enter the classes for two days, observe our practices and give us a practical, personal and immediate evaluation.

The application of the Method implies a change of paradigm, a change of important point of view and an approach to the learning process but also a great step forward.

To do it right, we will continue to train and receive advice from Edu First experts.