Family Days

2 febrer, 2018

This week we have begun to invite you, parents of the school, and your friends to the Family Days of kindergarten. If you remember, it's that one day you can see your child in a class, and even interact with it.

We started with the psychomotor class of P1. The children did a demonstration in the circuit that we prepared them: we crawled, we walked forward, ran, made the croquette … and all in our amazing space that is the psychomotricity classroom of the school.

Then it was the turn of English with the smallest boys in the school who presented us to a character that is the delight of both great and small: Mr Potato.

These coming weeks can come to see how our P-2 students interact in English with their teacher in what is an Ordinary Good Morning in our Bilingual P2.

And also with the students of P-2 we will enter into the world of our Atelier classroom: awaken sensations, activate connections, enhance their creativity … How do we do it? With a whole host of activities specially prepared to achieve these goals and in a very special and inspiring space, full of opportunities, which is our Atelier classroom.

We will finish with the kindergarten music classes, with our expert music teacher Cèlia Aragonès, who bases her classes on the methods of Dámasis and the Tot Sona project that hypnotizes young children and makes them discover a world full of Sensations and sounds and silence, also with colors and textures that dance at the same pace.

We welcome all of you to enjoy an extraordinary time with your children.