An important party

19 December, 2019

In Bell-lloc, we want to be recognized to teach our students with humanistic and Christianity values. Our Christmas party promotes this service and the cooperation for the familiar environment that we enjoy.

This year, we have celebrated the Christmas party at the Bell-lloc pavilion and we have expected that everything came through right. Location, space, sounds… But the most important thing was our students. They have offered us different songs and dance related to Christmas.
Each group have sung and danced one Christmas song and at the end of the Christmas party, all the students have recited the Christmas poem written by Miss. Montse, our English teacher.
This party has been possible with the unconditional support of teachers and professionals who work at school and obviously to parents who have offered help through the organization, punctuality and good predisposition.
It has been a good opportunity to ask baby Jesus for a Merry Christmas and help to achieve our hopes.
Merry Christmas.