Everyday… mathematics!

2 December, 2020

The child’s mathematical awareness, space and movement require mental activity. Mathematical knowledge is not something “finished”,  the child has to elaborate it from real and concrete situations and later, he/ she will become aware of the need to describe them.

During the scientific walk, in the atelier, in the corners, we make sure that we have programmed short, medium and long-term mathematical objectives.  During play, movement activities, discovering the world by themselves, encouraging creativity…children can internalise this mathematical awareness in a transversal way.

Play offers the child the opportunity to observe, manipulate, experiment and represent.

As we have seen in many different experiences, learning through play contribute to their understanding of space, time and causality.

This is how we work:

The concept of number, linked to the whole.

The conservation of quantity.

The inclusion of the part in the whole.

The correspondence.

The atelier, the corners, leisure spaces, symbolic games and scientific walks help them to acquire mathematical awareness.

How can the families work from home? In the same way that we are working at school. We try to encourage them with different games working on mathematical concepts such as space, time, quantity and measurement. We teach them how to look and compare in many ordinary life situations.

It’s important to appreciate the beauty of nature and open air walks. In the city, you can count and discover geometrical forms. We teach how to look and we help them to build their knowledge.