confinats amb optimisme

Excepcional moments

24 March, 2020

We are living exceptional moments: we have never lived a situation of this kind before.

We are confined at home with the whole family. It gives us an opportunity to live it in a positive way. It is an opportunity to have good conversations around the table.

Now, we are not in a hurry, we work, yes; but we can spend some more time talking together.

It is also a great opportunity to be a good example of values.

We can plan to improve the virtues that we want for our family, our “sign of identity”.

We can start with optimism: look for the positive things instead of focusing on the difficulties.

Another, industriousness; a virtue that we develop in our professional work, that we can also develop at home during these days.

We can add more: sincerity, responsibility, leadership, citizenship, order, kindness, generosity… These and other virtues help our children to be happy. Also, It is a good time to pray.

Today, Rosalía tweets the Lord’s Prayer. It is a big surprise for everybody!

In times of difficulty, we need to be optimistic, and this tweet from a famous person is a sign that there are still Hope and Faith in the world.