Educació vial a 4t de primària

During the 2nd and 3rd of March 4th Primary students enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a Road Education workshop run by monitors of the Catalan Traffic Service.

Fotografia amb la Sra. Marta Madrenas, alcaldessa de Girona

This year the primary school participates in Girona Temps de Flors! We begin by decorating our sculpture, which you can visit nearby on the Nou Street of the city.

 Alumnes de l’UNAV expliquen la seva experiència a 4t ESO

The students of the University of Navarra Alberto Bonilla, Santi Caireta and Leire Zubiaur, have had a session with the students of 4th ESO explaining how the choice of Baccalaureate that they are realizing later influences their university life.

Formació en Competències Bàsiques

The heads of the departments of the different curricular areas of the school performed a basic skills training by Cristina Mudarra Pons.

Confirmació 2019

On Sunday, 67 students from 3rd ESO received the sacrament of Confirmation from Mr. Bishop Francesc Pardo accompanied by relatives, friends and professors in a solemn and emotional ceremony.

 Alumnes de 4t ESO a la fase estatal del Junior Achievement

This Tuesday and Wednesday, the 4th ESO entrepreneur team that was ranked in the Catalan phase of the Junior Achievement competition is already in Madrid defending the Water Save project nationwide.

 Alumnes de 4t ESO a la final del repte Big Data d’EduCaixa

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the students of 4th ESO Enric Campmajó Bonet, Guillem Gómez Puig and Andrei Santana Oyuela, were in Barcelona with Mr. Lluís Esteve Mercader participating in the final phase of the Big Data Challenge organized by EduCaixa.

Festa de Comiat Batxillerat 2019

The current promotion of students who attended 2nd year baccalaureate had their Feast of Fame last Sunday, the 28th of April. The photographs of the event, below.

Equip Classificat de "La pandilla" de sisè de primària

Last Saturday, May the 4th, the Provincial of the Robocat Provincial Phase took place. More than thirty teams from all parts of the province attended a festive and competitive event at the school's facilities.

 Projecte: Cuidem amb salut el cos

Mr. Joan Pòrtulas, a secondary school teacher, teaches 4th grade students to teach and explain the cell as an initial project talk: "We care for the body health".