Donació de Sang Bell-lloc

Next Friday, January 24, the students of 6th grade will collaborate with the Blood and Tissue Bank of Girona, launching a Blood Donation campaign at the School.

Fotografia d'una de les sessions d'oratòria

TdXperience is a communication experience that trains and prepares ESO and Baccalaureate students in oratory and dialectics through a debate tournament. A qualifying tournament will take place next Friday, February 7th.

Oxford Test of English

Bell-lloc is an exam Centre for the Oxford Test of English. The Oxford Test of English is a proficiency test in general English adaptable with any computer. Developed by Oxford University Press and certified by the University of Oxford, it is more flexible, cost effective and faster than traditional knowledge tests.

Festa de Nadal

Bell-lloc wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy family time and see you on your return next Wednesday, January 8th. Below you will find the pictures of the Christmas Party of the school.

Els Pastorets de Bell-lloc

This week we interview Raül López, new director of the Pastorets de Bell-lloc. This traditional Christmas work is represented year after year by the students of 1st ESO. You can then continue reading the interview and watching the video.

Fotografia de la Masia del Bruguer

The Alumni Association of Bell-lloc organizes an exit to Sant Andreu de la Barroca on Sunday, December 22, to bring the Nativity scene to the Turó del Bruguer.

Musical 2020

This week we interviewed Enric Bautista, the director of the Bell-lloc Musical, to explain the preparations for this great end-of-year party.

Marc Schneeberger, a 2005 Bell-lloc Alumni, has been awarded the University of Barcelona's Consell Social Award in Experimental Sciences for his paper entitled "Mitofusin 2 in POMC Neurons Connects ER Stress with Leptin Resistance and Energy Imbalance," published in CELL, one of the top scientific journals in the world.

Forfait Mama

This year the school's Christmas campaign will support the Ebale - Forfait Mama Project, which plans to send help to pregnant women to cover the expenses derived from their future motherhood.

La Petita Coral de Bell-lloc, una activitat extraescolar d'èxit

Research has shown for some time that singing in a choir has tremendous benefits for physical and mental well-being. Joining a choir can strengthen the feeling of togetherness: it can also reduce the levels of stress and depression, and even regulate heart rate.