Francesc Grau

Francesc Grau, a Bell-lloc Alumni, visited the school to remember his past life as a student more than 20 years ago, and to talk abot his new book. 

 Rutina de pensament: Mirar/Escoltar/Llegir

"See, Listen and Read" is a thinking routine to gain a deeper undestanding of curricular aspects.

 Sessió del Consell d’Adolescents per a 1r d’ESO

Last Monday the Teen Council leaders and the Council of Girona came to Bell-lloc to teach a session on citizen participation to our 1st of ESO students

 Convivència Consell de Curs a 3r ESO

Last Tuesday our 3rd of ESO Student Council Members took part in a teambuilding seminar where they put into practice several group dynamics to acquire leadership skills and attended workshops on how to improve their classes' standars of coexistence.

Els alumnes Javier Serrano Cerdà i Arnau Clota Font, Els alumnes Javier Serrano Cerdà i Arnau Clota Font

Our students Javier Serrano Cerdà and Arnau Clota Fuente, from 6th of Primary, took part in the Fast Chess Competition that was held in Sarrià de Ter.

Extraescolar de piano

Our new extracurricular activities are underway. They take place during the midday break, and are targeted to all the students from 1st of primary to 4rth of ESO.

Afany d’aprendre

This year, our Character Formation Program starts out by working on the strength Eager to Learn: "I surround myself with  healthy relationships and I embrace the advice I receive from adults and in one-on-one tutorials"

Pla Singular

Last Thursday five of our secondary students who take part in our School-to-Work Program attended a session at the Local Recruitment Agency.

Professors nadius del curs 2019/20

Our new language assistants have already arrived at the school: the American teachers Greg and Cooper, and Alexander. Mr. Eduard Cuadrado, head of the Foreign Languages Deparment, welcomed them at the school.

Documentem la unitat d'aprenentatge

1st of ESO Natural Science students are documenting their learning on their classroom walls to make learning visible.