Alumnes de Batxillerat treballant la corresponsabilitat a la família

At Bell-lloc we are implementing an Equality Education Plan with a set of activities and initiatives that aim to recognize and value the dignity and uniqueness of each person.

Treball de Síntesi de 1r d'ESO, Gravant el curtmetratge al centre de Girona

This week the different synthesis works were carried out throughout the ESO. Those of 1st ESO have worked on the issue of sports values through the Olympic Games and, on the 2nd of ESO, they have worked on the world of cinema through a short film.

 Treballs de Síntesi d’ESO2

This week the different synthesis works were carried out throughout the ESO. The 3rd of ESO have worked in the media and, the 4th of ESO have done about the war conflicts around the world.

Ruta per les escultures de Girona

The students of the 1st ESO Excellence Plan made a route for the most emblematic sculptures of the city of Girona. Twenty students explained, individually, a sculpture to the rest of their classmates.

Cambridge Seminar

Last Saturday, in Bell-lloc, in collaboration with the Fundació Universitat de Girona and Cambridge University, a day of updating of the teaching of the English language for teachers took place.

Educació en salut dental

Mr. Aniol Cañada, a dentist at the CAP of Can Gibert del Pla, has given a dental hygiene workshop to third grade primary school.

Miquel Puig Turón

Miquel Puig Turón, a student of 2nd year high school, he is in the position of 12th in the Phase of the Physics Olympiad. Congratulations!

Cursa Esports Parra Girona

A total of 160 students took part in the 22nd Sports-Parra Race in Girona, which is why Bell-lloc again wins the prize at the school with more participants.

Acte Acadèmic Batxillerat

Next Sunday, April 28th, there will be the graduation party and farewell to Bell-lloc of the promotion of this year's baccalaureate.

 XV Certamen de Lectura en veu alta

Dani Cuadrado Ramió, in the category of "Grumets Vermells", and Martí Domènech Carbonés, in the category of "Grumets Verds", they exhibit a large reading level in the Girona phase of Reading Contest aloud.