Great Food Collection 2019

As you already know, one of the goals of the AMPA (Bell-lloc Parents' Association) is to organize solidarity activities. For the second year in a row, the AMPA will participate in the Great Collection organized by the Food Bank on November 22 and 23, coordinating the collection of food in two supermarkets: • Mercadona Supermarket, located […]

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How Schools are Failing Boys, and What We Can Do About It

[html format=”full_html” different_values=”0″] Experts point out that boys have more discipline problems in the classroom, and unlike girls, tend to show a more defiant attitude towards school practices. Christina Hoff Sommers, author of The War Against Boys, claims that our schools today are getting more and more hostile towards masculinity, and encourages Western countries to […]

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41st edition of the Carrer Nou Race

[html format=”full_html” different_values=”0″] Si voleu participar-hi cal que ompliu el full d’inscripció que trobareu adjunt al final de la notícia i que l’entregueu al vostre professor encarregat de curs o qualsevol dels professors d’educació física de l’escola adjuntant el cost de la inscripció: 11€: Inscripció + samarreta Bell-lloc “lila”. (qui no la tingui) 5€: Inscripció La […]

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Awarding Ceremony of Cambridge Certificates

The awarding ceremony was coordinated by Mr. Eduard Cuadrado Pere, head of the Foreing Languages Department. Mr. Tom Wogan, the Cambridge English Language Assessment Consultant for Spain, and Ms Adele Titford, Centre Cambrige Exams for Girona, adressed some words to our students in order to encourage them to carry on learning English. They insisted that, […]

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Tips for Parents in the Digital Age

[html format=”full_html” different_values=”0″] Strolling along the school facilities, we spoke about the past and the present of Bell-lloc. Upon walking into one of the primary classrooms, Grau was able to interact with our current students and learn about the potential that Thinking Keys have to connect old and new learnings.  Francesc Grau is a father […]

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