Training of teachers in Rome: Coaching for teaching

During the course, they are addressing various issues related to the improvement of motivation in the educational field following the idea of the Golden Circle of Simon Sineck, which seeks the reason for our task as a motivational motor, and how to resolve conflicts in work in Teams following the idea of Tuckmann, where the […]

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5 July, 2017
Concurs de pintura de primària
General, Primary

Primary Painting Contest Prizes Awarded

The award ceremony also included some piano performances by pupils Antoine Oganesov Volkova in 3rd of primary , Arnau Antuña Martín, in 4th of primary and Alekos Tsiplakos Llistosella in 5th of primary. The winners were: Primary 1st                                          […]

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31 May, 2017
Baccalaureate, General, Primary, Secondary

The UNESCO Friends Artistic and Literary Contest

The quality work of our students was recognised by a jury, and as a result, the following students were nominated for awards:   Drawing ·         Marc Boadas Hereu (6th Year Primary) ·         Marc Tanous Pinto (2nd Year Secondary) Postcard  ·         Àlex Alonso Anglada  (1st Year Secondary) “Auca” (Vignettes with drawings and text in verse, telling a story) ·         Guillem Jérez […]

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16 May, 2017
Baccalaureate, General, Primary, Secondary

Conference series XXI Century Christianity

[html format=”full_html” different_values=”0″] The lectures will take place in Hall (behind the oratory) Bell-lloc at 20: 30h. The cycle is as follows: THURSDAY MARCH 16 “You can be modern and followed Jesus in the XXI century?”Mn. Albert Barceló Maset TUESDAY APRIL 4 “Faith can argue more than you think …”Joan Avellaneda Guri THURSDAY, MAY 18 […]

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7 March, 2017

Improve your English with Bell-lloc and Oxford University Press

It is a course that contains a wide variety of multimedia content in the highest quality. From a level test, entirely online, the student is assigned to the level at which it is, from A1 to C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. From that moment, the student has 6 months […]

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21 December, 2016